Friday, September 19, 2014

Unity Meeting Minutes from September 15, 2014

Hello Unity!

We had a meeting monday, September 15, 2014. First we went over some buisness:

  • Dues are $8 and a t-shirt is an additional $10 If you have not payed the $8 dues you are not an active member which means you can't get a t-shirt, you cannot vote in elections or run for office, and you cannot vote on prom/event themes or t-shirt designs.

  • Safe space training has been postponed, the new date will now be on October 28th from 2-5PM and the next one will be November 21st from 12-3PM. The link to the Safe Space site is here on our website on the right sidebar.

Our topic for the meeting was a heavy hitter. It was: Allies, and should they be in the intitialism? We did this debate style, and got some really great feedback. Some people even changed their opinions once all was said and done. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as the E-board did, and we hope to have more meetings like this one in the future.

Join us next time, on September 22, 2014 where our topic will be: Bisexual/Pansexual, differeces and similarities.

Thanks all!

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