Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Unity Meeting Minutes from September 8, 2014

Hello Unity!
We had a meeting today, September 8, 2014. Remember, attendance to our meetings can effect your membership status.

At the meeting we went over some business:
  1.  To become a member you must give your $8 dues to our Treasurer, Anna Gowin. Her contact information is on our website: unityuno.blogspot.com
  2. Unity's Big Gay Talent Show is coming up in early November, we will continue to inform you about the event as we put the details in stone.
  3. Unity will offer T-shirts again this year that will almost definitely have more on the besides the word "Unity". You must be an active member to receive a T-shirt, the activation fee is $8and the T-shirt is $10.
  4. Lastly, I (Steven, Unity Secretary) will pass around a roll sheet at every meeting. Please make sure that you sign it if you attend the meeting. This way you get credit for attendance and you are not penalized accidentally.
That's all for the business.
Our meeting topic today  was Queer Friendly Locations in NOLA (and Metairie).  The locations will be posted on our website (unityuno.blogspot.com) sometime within the next few days. But here is the link to the map:  http://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=882486&x=-90.061742&y=29.959788&z=1
Safe Space training will be available on September 12th, sign up here: http://www.uno.edu/safe-space-allies/

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