Monday, October 13, 2014

Unity Meeting Minutes from October 13, 2014

Hey Unity!

We had a wonderful meeting today, October 13, 2014. Our topic was National Coming out Day and many of us shared our coming out stories. We also went over some business:

  • Tomorrow is our Ribbon Fundraiser for National Coming Out day. If you would like to help out just show up at the table for however long you can stay. The table will be in the Library breezeway from 10AM to 2PM and there will always be an E-board member there.
  • You can still order t-shirts even if you can’t give us your $18 right now. Just e-mail out Treasurer, Anna Gowin ( with your name, promise to pay at a later date, and your t-shirt size.
  • If you would like to be in the Talent Show e-mail Unity ( with your name, act, equipment needed, and run-time.
  • Many of you met our advisor Mike Hoffshire today, he is available to meet with you if you would like to talk to him about anything. Just e-mail him at to set up a meeting.
  • It is official, our t-shirt was voted on the final draft is:

Our next meeting will be Trans Day led my Moe. It will be an eye opening meeting, come with opens eyes, ears, heart, and mind. Hope to see you all there!


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