Friday, January 23, 2015

Unity Meeting Minutes from January 21, 2015

Hey Unity!

We had a great first meeting of the semester Wednesday. We welcomed our newest E-board member, Shelby, as Program Coordinator, and we said hello to a lot of new faces. We are very enthusiastic about this semester and we hope you are to. Now for some business:
  • You can still pay your activation fee! You have until April 1st to do so if you wish to be an active member.
  • We will be ordering a second batch of t-shirts for anyone who didn’t get one last semester. So make sure to speak with an E-board member if you are interested.
  • Unity currently has two E-board members, Anna and Moe, on the homecoming court. In order to vote for them copy this link into your browser:

Last semester was out best semester yet. Let’s make this one even better!


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