Unity Constitution

UNITY of the University of New Orleans


Statement I: Name

            The name of this organization shall be Unity of the University of New Orleans, hereafter, Unity.

Statement II: Purpose
            The purpose of Unity is to create a supportive and uninhibited environment for those members in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning, asexual (LGBTQIQA) community and it's allies. In addition, Unity works to create acceptance in the queer community and to provide necessary service and resources to the University and our community.

Statement III: Membership
   Section 1.
            Active membership in Unity is open to any UNO undergraduate, graduate, or doctorial students, faculty, and staff. Active membership shall be defined in the Statement of Membership Dues (see statement XII: Dues).

   Section 2.

            Associate membership is open to those who do not qualify for active membership; they shall be considered guest of Unity when they are on the UNO campus. Associate members may not hold any position in executive office nor can they vote during executive officer elections.

Statement IV: Non-Discrimination

            Unity shall be in compliance with federal and state non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, marital status, veteran’s status, religion, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, national origin, financial status, and disability.

Statement V: Anti-Hazing

            Unity shall not practice any form of hazing. Unity shall be in compliance with the University anti-hazing policy. Please see APPENDIX H : ANTI-HAZING POLICY for the full policy.

Statement VI: Executive Officers

The officers of Unity shall be President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary Program Coordinator, and Faculty/Staff advisor. Any other positions may be added by appointment at the discretion of the current executive board.

Section 2.

Officers shall be elected at the end of spring semester and shall hold office under this constitution for one calendar year. Officers must meet the minimum academic standards established by Unity (see statement VII) and the UNO’s Student Involvement & Leadership guidelines.

Statement VII: Duties of Executive Officers

            Section 1: President

1.      Shall preside at all general and executive committee meetings;
2.      shall appoint ad hoc committees at a regular meeting with the approval of active members present;
3.      shall function as spokesperson for Unity to the University and public when necessary and appropriate;
4.      shall be authorized to expend the funds of Unity, but shall expend no more than ten percent of the funds on hand without agreement from other officers and faculty/staff ;
5.      may delegate these and other duties to the vice president and/or ad hoc committees.

Section 2: Vice-President

1.      Shall preside to on- and off-campus outreach;
2.      shall preside at all general and executive committee meeting in the absence of the President;
3.      shall represent Unity to the University and other entities only in the company of the President, or as delegated by the President;
4.      shall monitor the activities of standing and ad hoc committees and report such to the other officers and membership;
5.      shall, when the office of the President falls vacant, maintain the duties of President until special election is held.

            Section 3: Treasurer

1.      Shall be responsible for the collection of dues from membership and any form of fundraising;
2.      shall, in conjunction with the President and Faulty/Staff Advisor, maintain the accounts of the organization;
3.      shall expend the funds of the organization only with agreement of President, or of Faculty/Staff Advisor(s) in the extended absences  or vacancy of the President.

Section 4: Secretary

1.      Shall maintain the correspondence and archives of the organization;
2.      shall be responsible for informing  members of Unity events and meeting minutes by email;
3.      shall monitor  sign-in sheets for general meeting, committees, and events;
4.      shall be responsible for appointing or delegating these task to someone else, if secretary cannot do them.

Section 5: Program Coordinator

1.      Shall maintain social media outlets;
2.      shall be responsible for designing flyers for Unity meetings and events;
3.      shall maintain Unity’s website.

Section 6: Faculty/Staff Advisor(s)

1.      See Statement X, Statement of Advisor(s)

Statement VIII: Removal, Resignation, Vacancies

            Section 1: Removal

Executive officer who is not meeting the duties outlined by this Constitution  must first attend a closed meeting with either the advisor(s) or president to clarify duties and responsibilities. After this counsel, if executive officer still does not adhere to responsibilities and duties, there will be an executive board vote to remove the officer from executive office. There must be a majority vote from board members in favor of removal of office to remove executive board officer from office.

            Section 2: Resignation

Executive officer wishing to resign must compile a physical letter stating reasons for resignation. This letter of resignation  must be signed by executive officer, and given to the president and advisor(s). To make resignation final both the president and advisor(s) must also sign the letter of resignation.

            Section 3: Vacancies

            Vacancies shall be filled through a special election. The election and voting will take place at a regular meeting two weeks after the advisor(s)
and remaining officers have notified membership of the vacancy. This election will be done by anonymous ballet. Any active member may run for this vacant executive office position.

Statement IX: Standing Committees

Unity shall have committees for it’s events. Any active or associate members can be in the committee.  These committees shall not meet during general meetings. The President, Vice- President, and/or the Faculty/Staff Advisor(s) shall oversee committees. 

Statement X: Advisor
            Pursuant to University regulations, Unity may not function without at least one named advisor drawn from the full-time faculty or staff. Upon the agreement of the membership, more than one advisor may be named. The advisor(s) shall represent Unity to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership according to their regulations. The advisor(s) shall be available to the officers and committees for all decisions concerning the short- and long-time welfare of Unity. The advisor’s agreement is required for the expenditure of any Unity funds in excess of ten percent of the funds on hand.

Statement XI: Meetings

            Meetings shall be structured by the Presidents digression. Meetings should include discussion topics related to the LGBTQIQAA community at UNO, the greater New Orleans, national, and international level.

Statement XII: Elections

            Section 1.

Officers shall be elected at the end of spring semester and shall hold office under this constitution for one calendar year. Officers must meet the minimum academic standards established by Student Involvement and Leadership. To be elected into office you must be an active member of Unity for a full academic year. 

Section 2.

Voting election shall take place at the end of the spring semester by an anonymous ballot. Elections shall take place during a regular meeting or by internet ballot.

Statement XII: Dues

            Section 1.

Active membership shall be defined by the payment of $8.00 for one academic year. Each semester active members who paid dues must attend five general meetings per semester, participate in  three events, and contribute two hours of volunteer work with Unity. If a member cannot meet all these responsibilities, they can altered if approved by both the President and Advisor. All payments are non-refundable.

Statement XIII: Amendments

            Any part of this constitution may be amended upon the proposal of three members present at regular meeting and the agreement of two-thirds of the total active membership of the organization. The vote shall be conducted by ballot at the following meeting.

Statement XV: By-laws

Unity will adhere to all rules, regulations, guidelines, and laws of Student Involvement and Leadership of the University of New Orleans.  

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